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Common Waxflower

Common Waxflower

Hoya australis

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Plant Details
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Care Information

Expected Height Range:

2 m - 4 m

Spread Range:

1 m - 2 m

Preferred positioning:

Full sun, Partial sun, and Partial shade

Common uses:

Container growing and Privacy screening

Flower Season/s:

Summer and Spring

Flower Colour/s:

Plant life cycle:



Rainforests and rainforest margins from north-eastern New South Wales to north-eastern Queensland and across the Top End to northern Western Australia. Also found in islands to the north.

Preferred Soil:

Well drained soil

Renowned for their moderately vigorous climbing with thick, glossy succulent foliage and fragrant white flowers with red markings.

Care Considerations:

If kept in a container water only when the top inch of soil is dry to prevent overwatering. Recommended to be placed in a spot with good airflow and avoid frequent relocations.
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