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Gardenia augusta Florida

Gardenia augusta Florida

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Plant Details
Why we love this plant!
Care Information

Expected Height Range:

1 m

Spread Range:

1 m

Preferred positioning:

Full sun, Partial sun, and Partial shade

Common uses:

Fragrant, Flower garden, Hedging, Border planting, Container growing, and Supports wildlife

Flower Season/s:

Spring and Autumn

Flower Colour/s:

Plant life cycle:



The Gardenia augusta commonly know as Florida is native to the subtropical regions of East Asia, particularly China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Leaf information:

Dark, glossy green leaves

Preferred Soil:

Prefers well-drained, humus-rich soil which should be kept moist but not soggy

Adored for its large, double, milky white flowers and strong, delightful fragrance. This evergreen shrub is known for its glossy, dark green foliage and rounded habit which adds both aesthetic appeal and function. The plant also produces flowers from late spring to autumn blooming when many other plants are dormant.

Care Considerations:

Regular watering is crucial, especially during blooming periods, to keep the soil moist but not wet as over or under-watering can lead to bud drop. Mulching around the plant helps retain moisture and protect the root system. Light pruning after the main flowering period helps maintain its shape and promote denser growth for the next season. It’s also beneficial to use compost and organic manures to enrich the soil and promote healthy growth ensuring it has enough iron, particularly if the leaves begin to yellow, is vital for maintaining health and vibrancy.
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