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Everlasting Daisy Seedbomb

Everlasting Daisy Seedbomb

Native Seed Box

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Everlasting Daisy Field seed bombs contain a mix of Australia’s most eye-catching pink, white, yellow, dark centred and golden centred Everlasting Daisies as well as the rare pink sunray – making for one of Australia’s most impressive wildflower displays.

Seed bombs have been used for hundreds of years all over the world to revegetate landscapes and re-wild the earth. The Clay protects the seeds until conditions are right for germination. Nourished by the rich compost they explode to life in a beautiful display of native wildflowers.

They work well in open gardens or in pots, perfect for any sized garden.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow!

Species List- Pink & White Everlasting, Dark Centre Everlasting, Yellow Centre Everlasting (Rhodanthe chlorocephala), Golden Clustered Everlasting (Rhodanthe humboldtiana), Pink Sunray Everlasting (Rhodanthe manglesii).

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