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Rainbow gum

Rainbow gum

Eucalyptus deglupta

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Plant Details
Why we love this plant!
Care Information

Expected Height Range:

18 m - 30 m

Spread Range:

6 m - 8 m

Preferred positioning:

Full sun

Common uses:

Specimen plant, Supports wildlife, Fast growing, Erosion control, Wind protection, and Wow! factor

Flower Season/s:

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn

Flower Colour/s:

Plant life cycle:



Native to the Philippines, Indonesia (particularly in Papua), and Papua New Guinea. Its natural habitat is within tropical rainforests, along riverbanks and watercourses.

Leaf information:

Aromatic lance shaped leaves

Preferred Soil:

Prefers well-drained, fertile soils. While adaptable, it thrives in moist well draining conditions, making waterlogged or very dry soils less ideal.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is a breathtaking addition to large spaces, where its towering height and vibrant bark can be fully appreciated. It has stunning, multi-coloured bark, creating a kaleidoscope of green, blue, purple, and orange hues on a single tree. While care needs to be taken to provide enough space and the right conditions, beyond its beauty, it plays a crucial role in supporting wildlife, offering a habitat for various bird species and insects, thus promoting biodiversity.

**Given its potential size, it's generally more suitable for larger yards or gardens where there's ample room for it to grow without causing issues with structures, underground utilities, or neighboring properties.

Care Considerations:

A layer of mulch can help to retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature. Minimal pruning is required, mainly to remove any damaged or poorly formed limbs and maintain tree health/structure.
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