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Croton (Assorted)

Croton (Assorted)

Codiaeum variegatum

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Plant Details
Why we love this plant!
Care Information

Expected Height Range:

3 m - 6 m

Spread Range:

1 m - 3 m

Preferred positioning:

Full sun, Partial sun, and Partial shade

Common uses:

Suitable indoors, Tropical garden, Specimen plant, Privacy screening, Container growing, Adaptable, and Supports wildlife

Plant life cycle:



Originally from Indonesia and New Guinea, its natural habitat extends across tropical and subtropical regions.

Leaf information:

Leaves can display a mix of green, yellow, red, orange, cream, pink, and even nearly black.

Preferred Soil:

Adaptable to a range of soil conditions, preferring well-drained soil.

It’s vibrant, colourful foliage adds a tropical flair to our gardens, while its adaptability to various light conditions allows it to thrive in diverse garden spots or even indoors.

Care Considerations:

Having a slow growth rate, they require little pruning. However you can prune to size or shape if required. Croton's like regular watering especially during prolonged dry spells. While a fertiliser is not strictly necessary, Crotons do well with a regular fertilising routine.
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