Pipturus argeneus

Pipturus argeneus

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Plant Details
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Care Information

Expected Height Range:

3 m - 8 m

Preferred positioning:

Full sun

Common uses:

Edible and Supports wildlife

Flower Season/s:


Plant life cycle:



A tree native to tropical Asia, northern and eastern Australia and the Pacific.

Preferred Soil:

Well drained soil

The native mulberry prefers warm climates, full sun and soils with good drainage. This rainforest species does not enjoy dry conditions, but can recover from droughts with heavy pruning. As a warm region plant, it won’t respond well to frost either, so gardeners in colder areas should consider keeping their trees in a hothouse or inside the home. The fruits of the Native Mulberry are small and white, almost translucent in appearance. Like strawberries, they bear their seeds on the outside. They are soft and juicy, with a sweet and delicate flavour, though like conventional mulberries, can vary in taste and texture. The leaves, roots and sap have recorded usage in traditional medicine, while the bark was used for textiles and cordage.

Care Considerations:

Native Mulberry trees are dioecious, meaning they may be male or female.
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